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About International Flight Booking

International flight booking has become easier these days with the help of some online travel portals. There was time where air transportation was just like a wonder. We observed that at least one member from each Indian family are travelling internationally for different purposes. At the time of beginning, air transportation was commonly used for International travel and international flight booking was more than domestic. In the form of numbers international air travelers and airline ticketing for international travel are increasing rapidly due to globalization, Foreign Direct Investment (FDI), international tourism, lack of time to depend on other travel facilities like ship etc., International business, increasing number of expatriates and travel writing etc. In 80’s time period people used to depend on ships for intercontinental travels and it was more time consuming. People have to travel for months and weeks to reach their destination. Due to this busy living schedule people do not have much time and patience to spend, so they started traveling through flights as it is time efficient. These days the number of leisure travelers is also increasing as we have a large number of people who have a lot of disposable income. Efficient and skilled tour operator, travel agent or airline personnel convert these types of prospective customers in to clients. Now a day's people have much enhanced earning and they are capable and willing to spend for comfort and leisure activities and Airlines are offering tickets in cheap rates and offering deals more regularly because of the tight market and competition. This is also one of the reasons for increased International flight booking.

With the help of travel portals and mobile apps, we can book airline tickets more easily that early days, this avoids the searching for travel agents in your city, and going to their agency to manually book the tickets and paying in cash. Online portals allow you to pay using credit cards, debit cards, cash cards etc.

Procedures of Online International Flight booking

You can follow these simple steps for your flight booking

1. Go to the site

2. Select from and to cities and departure and return dates (If it is a round trip) and click search button.

3. Chose the appropriate airline of your choice.

4. Review the flight details and fares.

5. Enter traveler details, passport details, contact details and make payment.

6. Print E Ticket.

Important points for international flight travellers.

You have to carry your passport, Visa and medical certificate if required. Hand baggage and check-in baggage dimension and weight should be according to the flight rules which you are going to travel. The products such as knife, lighter, matchbox, certain chemicals etc. are not allowed to carry for security reasons as per Dangerous Goods Regulations Act (DGR). Check in should be done minimum 3hrs. prior to the departure time.

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