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Tour package

The tour packages which are made by the Triphealer and team comprises of transportation, accommodation, and basics amenities to its customer which provide them the maximum level of satisfaction to them. Other services are also provided such as car rentals. Transportation to a international or domestic destination can be via different airlines which are sometimes included in the packages and sometimes are not included in the packages

Triphealer tourism pvt. Ltd provides package for both domestic as well as for international destination.

Brochures were used to compare the contents of tour packages through European countries. The tours originated in the United Kingdom, Denmark, and Israel, all situated on the fringes of Europe. It was assumed that both actual and perceived distance between originating country and destination would be associated with the numbers and variety of such tours available from a particular country. This assumption was largely supported by the findings. This article discusses structural and cultural reasons for differences among the countries, as well as the possible changes to be expected as a result of recent geopolitical developments among these countries.

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